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Guaranteed purchases
We know how stressful it can be to buy a car remotely. For this reason, we offer our customers the option of paying not only by bank transfer, but also with STRIPE
International shipments
You can choose whether to take care of the collection yourself, or leave the delivery organization to us, directly to your home.
Customize your Fiat 500
During the purchase phase, if you wish, you can decide to customize your classic Fiat 500, changing the interior colors, or adding accessories such as wheels with white bands, the rack, the picnic basket, etc.

Garage Fiat 500

The Marketplace dedicated to classic Fiat 500s

Garage Fiat 500 is a marketplace specializing in the sale of classic Fiat 500s. This is the best place to look for your next classic Fiat 500.
Find your classic Fiat 500 among the vintage Fiat 500s for sale on our website

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Only Fiat 500

Garage Fiat 500 has decided to devote itself to a single model of car, the Fiat 500. No other distractions. We make Fiat 500, that's all!


Green commitment

When you buy a classic Fiat 500 from, with the Fiat 500, you will receive an olive tree for adoption. The tree will be planted in Salento, in Puglia. You can choose the name to give to the tree, you will receive a liter of real EVO oil and, if you want, you can go and find your olive tree.



You can customize the interior, add accessories, or upgrade the classic Fiat 500 you buy

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