1971 Fiat 500 Abarth Evocation

1971 Fiat 500 Abarth Evocation

The Fiat 500 tells itself:
Hi, I’m Thino, an Abarth customized Fiat 500. I’ll make one thing clear right away, just so as not to be misunderstood: I’m not a nice guy! just like that!
Perhaps you are used to seeing the other small Fiat 500s happily trotting around the streets of your cities, while the children on street corners greet them with their little hands soiled with chocolate.
Forget all that, with me the children cry! And the old men raise their walking stick to curse my roar!

I have not always been like this, once I was also a harmless Fiat 500, like all the others, then, as often happens in these cases, they abandoned me in a barn and left there for years. My fate seemed sealed.
Then, unexpectedly, 9 years ago I was adopted by a new friend. He took care of me and promised me that I would be back on the roads again. The treatments lasted 4 years, and the cost to get me back on track cost over 17,000 euros. Man, he must have loved me very much!

Finally the big day had arrived. My long hibernation was coming to an end.
My new friend puts the key in the instrument cluster, turns the key, and ….
woooaahhh! – what is all this noise ?? !! – I can’t believe it’s me!
From scrap abandoned under a shed, to bad guy!

See me! I have widened wheel arches, front disc brakes, tuned 740cc engine, sports exhaust, thousand mile rims, and a top speed of 160km / h.
In the city where I lived, Alberobello, I darted at full speed among the trulli and I had a lot of fun on the country roads.

Now the time has come for me to look for a new adventure buddy, and that’s why I’m here today!
If you think you are a good companion on adventures, take me home with you, I will not disappoint you and I am sure that, together, we will have a lot of fun.


Main features:
– Increased wheel arches
– 740cc tuned engine
– Engine with just 1000 km under its belt
– Electric petrol pump
– Oil cooling radiator
– Oil recovery tank
– Front disc brakes
– Millemiglia wheels
– Rear windows that can be partially opened
– Sunroof
– Engine hood with reverse opening
– Seats with locking clips
– Abarth instrument panel
– Oil pressure indicator
– Voltmeter
– Maximum speed 150/160 Km / h
– Documentation of expenses incurred for restoration

Defects detected:
– Small cracks near the hinges of the engine hood
– Small rust spots in the lower corner of the passenger side door