1968 Fiat 500 L

1968 Fiat 500 L

For Fiat 500 lovers with a strong color, a perfect 1968 500 L yellow.
The last owner, a lover of vintage Fiat 500s, bought this car last year.
The 1968 car only had 3 owners.
This is a flawless 500: equipped with new accessories, the sheet metal has been changed and it has been all sandblasted.
The car has recently been overhauled and the tires have been changed.
It is in perfect working order and it is just waiting for a new owner who can write a new story!



First registration: 1968
Body color: Yellow
Interior color: Black
595 cc
Manual gearbox

Paint condition: good
Mechanical condition: fully functional
Condition of the electrical system: in perfect working order

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Note: This car is sold directly by the owner who is responsible for the accuracy of the photos and information contained in the advertisement, for this car, Garagefiat500 is only providing advertising space. After paying a deposit, the seller and the buyer will be put in direct contact with each other. In any case, Garagefiat500 will continue to provide support throughout the sale – purchase phase, furthermore Garagefiat500 will be able to provide, upon request, assistance in handling paperwork for transfer of ownership or export, and organize their transport.







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