Affiliate Program

Garage Fiat 500 Affiliate Program helps content creators, publishers, bloggers and administrators of online groups or  pages to monetize their traffic. By advertising the website, the cars for sale and the services offered, the associates, through a control panel, can use simple link creation tools to direct the public to the recommended products and earn from the consequent purchases.

Everything can be kept under control from your control panel.

Join our Garage Fiat 500 Affiliate Program, and start earning. Sign up here Suggest our site, our Fiat 500 or our services. Use our link generation service or print the QR code.

Earn 3% on every car or service sold.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Associates Program work?

You can share Fiat 500s or the services available on Garage Fiat 500, with your audience, via our affiliate link generator and earn money on all customer purchases from your affiliate link.

In the control panel, the affiliate publisher will be able to see all the visits arrived on our site thanks to his affiliate link.
The cookie has a duration of 60 days, so the buyer, who arrives from the affiliate link, can make a purchase up to 60 days from the first click on the affiliate link, unless the user returns to the site again through the affiliate link. For this reason, we recommend that the affiliate publisher prepare an editorial plan that periodically shares the link to our site.

By accessing its control panel, the publisher will be able to verify, in real time, all the sales made thanks to the affiliate link or QR code.
For each sale concluded, the affiliate publisher will earn a 3% commission on the sale price of the car or service.
For example: For a € 7000 car, you will earn 210 Euro.

How do I qualify for this program?

Bloggers, publishers and content creators with a qualifying website or mobile app, and dealing with topics related to classic Fiat 500s or, in general, classic cars, can participate in this program.

Our affiliate program also allows affiliation with physical businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, bars, car practice agencies, etc. In fact, in the affiliate’s control panel, you can download a file, containing your QR code, which advertises our site. Each user who scans the QR code will be linked to your account.

How do I earn in this program?

Earnings from purchases of Fiat 500s or services through the traffic you drive to Garage Fiat 500 web site. The commissions for purchases are 3% of the sale price.

How do I sign up to the program?

Sign up to the program here.

If you need assistance, please contact us