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We only sell vintage Fiat 500s

"What could be better than opening the roof, turning the key, pulling the lever and leaving with your Fiat 500?"


We are a marketplace specialized in the sale of classic Fiat 500s. Here you will find Fiat 500s sold by private sellers, and you will be supported by a team of professionals in the sector.

Why buy your next classic Fiat 500 on garagefiat500.com?

Here are 5 good reasons to buy your classic Fiat 500 from us:

1. Affordable prices
2. No hidden costs
3. Expo paperwork included
4. We arrange worldwide transportation
5. Over 15 years of experience

AFFORDABLE PRICES: The best way to save money on the purchase of a classic Fiat 500 is to buy it from a private individual. Indeed, on our site you will find a wide selection of cars from private sellers, but with the advantage of being supported by a company. We will give you support from the negotiation to the delivery of the car to your home.

NO HIDDEN COSTS: The price you find on our website includes the inspection of the car in a certified workshop with the Italian motorization authority (collaudo ), and all the documentation useful for exporting the car. You will not have to add another budget to be able to collect the car from Italy.

EXPO PRACTICES INCLUDED: In order to correctly import your classic Fiat 500, you need to request a series of documents from the Italian motorisation. We will take care of everything, so you will avoid future headaches when you proceed to register the classic Fiat 500 in your country.

WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT: We have partners who take care of the collection and delivery of cars all over the world. Once you’ve bought your classic Fiat 500, we’ll take care of everything for you. You will only have to make some space in the garage to be able to park your new classic Fiat 500.

15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: We have been doing this job for over 15 years, and over the years we have developed a number of controls and procedures that streamline the process of selling and exporting a car. We put our experience at your disposal.

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Garage Fiat 500 has decided to focus on just one car model, the Fiat 500.
No other distractions!
We only deal with Fiat 500s, that’s all!


When you buy a classic Fiat 500 from garagefiat500.com, together with the Fiat 500, you will receive an olive tree for adoption.
The tree will be planted in Salento, in Puglia. You can choose the name to give to the tree, you will receive a liter of real EVO oil and, if you want, you can go and find your olive tree.

Those who choose Garage Fiat 500 do so not only for vintage Fiat 500s, but because they fully embrace the philosophy that accompanies our Community. And that’s why we know we have “The best customers in the world” Our Rock Stars!

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