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A fantastic Fiat 500 L from 1969.

The vehicle has been completely restored, maintaining the original windows and engine.

The backdrops have been redone with top quality leather upholstery.

The tires have been used very little.

The vehicle has been preserved from the last owner who always only parked it in the garage.

The engine is 110 F and there is no sign of rust on the bodywork.

A classic Fiat 500 L from 1970 for a restoration project. The car is completely original, it has only had 2 owners and has an original booklet. It only has about 9700 kilometers.
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“Before committing, it is essential to check the administrative situation of the classic Fiat 500. ” Obtain, within 2 days or at most 2 weeks *, an official certificate issued by the ACI, stating whether the classic Fiat 500 is pledged or mortgaged, and providing the total number of owners, as well as the contact details of the current owner.
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