Design your classic Fiat 500

Design your classic Fiat 500

Are you looking for your dream classic Fiat 500? Then, my friend, you are in the right place!
You can design your classic Fiat 500. Since 2016 we have been taking care of finding the right Fiat 500 for each customer.

You just have to tell us how you imagine it and give us your budget, we will do our best to satisfy you!

You can decide the color of the body, the color of the interior, the various accessories and upgrades. Your Fiat 500 will be tailored to you like a tailor would an Italian suit.

How does it work?

✅Design your classic Fiat 500
✅ No waiting time
✅ We show you the car
✅Over 120 checks
✅ Photo book of your Fiat 500
✅Worldwide shipping

Design your classic Fiat 500: Since day one we have made the customization of the Fiat 500 our distinctive brand.
We have brought a little piece of Italy to all parts of Europe, the United States, Australia and Saudi Arabia.
At the center of our projects are you and your dream to come true.
Your ideas are at the heart of the project and our job is to make the dream come true. Just tell us what the Fiat 500 of your dreams is like and we will make it for you

No waiting time: You won’t have to wait months for the restoration. Forget the biblical times of restorations. Personally, when I buy something, I want to have that thing as quickly as possible. For this reason we find an already restored Fiat 500, so you can receive and drive it in a short time. And while your friends wait for the restoration of their Fiat 500 to be finished, you can pick them up in your wonderful classic Fiat 500. Classic Fiat 500s are made to be driven, not to sit in the workshop waiting for the restoration to be completed.

We show you the car: Once we have found the right Fiat 500, we will show it to you and if you give us the ok, you will make the payment (by bank transfer or credit card), and we will immediately get to work customizing your classic Fiat 500, just as you described it

Over 120 checks: Before offering you a car, we’ll go to view it and check that the car doesn’t hide any surprises. We carry out about 120 checks between bodywork, mechanics and systems.

Photo book of your classic Fiat 500: Before leaving Italy, your Fiat 500 will become a model for a day, and we’ll give it a photo shoot among Italian monuments. So you can show everyone where your Fiat 500 lived before it moved in with you

Worldwide shipping We’ll take care of delivering the car directly to your home, regardless of where you live. There is no place in the world that the Fiat 500 cannot reach.

We have already made many customers happy all over the world, what are you waiting for?
Send us an email and start freeing up space in the Garage 🙂

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Start to design your classic Fiat 500!

By purchasing a car from us, you will help us repopulate the Salento with olive trees. You will also receive 1 liter of EVO oil from the olives of your tree. learn more.


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