1960 Fiat 500 N in perfect condition

1960 Fiat 500 N in perfect condition

1960 Fiat 500 N in perfect condition. The 1960s are those of the “economic miracle”: the country is growing in all respects, there is optimism, enthusiasm and a desire for well-being.

This fantastic 1960 Fiat 500 N in perfect condition reflects the enthusiasm of the period!

In very good condition as it has been fully restored it features a modified 499cc F engine.

The car does not need any further work.

So are you ready to relive the period by getting on board and dreaming of the “Dolce vita” years?



First registration: 1960
Body color: Light Blue
Interior color: Black
Modified 499 cc engine
Manual gearbox

Paint condition: excellent
Mechanical condition: fully functional
Condition of the electrical system: In perfect working order


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