1968 Fiat 500 Original Giannini TV

1968 Fiat 500 Original Giannini TV

Anno: 1968
Modello: Fiat 500 Original Giannini TV
Colore: Yellow

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Brand: Fiat
Model: 500 Giannini TV
Year: 1968
Engine size: 499cc
Kilometres: 32.000km
Gearbox: Synchro
Restored: Yes
Vehicle inspected: No

Description of defects found: Not found anything in particular

Other Notes:

We offer for sale a 1968 Fiat 500 original Giannini TV no replica.

It has only had two owners and has been restored in detail.

The car features a 499 cc engine, synchronized gearbox, aluminum tappet cover, large aluminum oil pan, Giannini 60 terminal muffler.

The car has an original giannini trim from the period!

The Fiat 500 does not require any mechanical work.

The engine has been completely redone and has almost 32.000 km on it.

The bodywork has been painstakingly restored. 

The interiors are two-tone central yellow and lateral black. The interior is in excellent condition.


First registration: 1968
Body color: Yellow
Interior color: Yellow and Black

Paint condition: good
Mechanical condition: functional
Condition of the electrical system: in perfect working order


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