1967 Fiat 500 F Really good condition

1967 Fiat 500 F Really good condition

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Brand: Fiat
Model: 500 F
Year: 1967
Engine size: 650cc
Gear Box: No Syncro
Vehicle inspected: No

Description of defects found: Not found anything in particular

Other Notes:

The vintage Fiat 500 is an iconic car that marked an era and still today continues to arouse emotions!

This 1967 Fiat 500 F has some characteristics that make it particularly interesting for fans of classic cars and for those who love sporty driving.
The engine is a 650cc twin cylinder, equipped with a Dell’Orto FZD 32/28 carburettor and a machined cylinder head with 35/30 valves. The compression ratio is 10.8:1 and the sporty camshaft, balanced rotating mass and lightened flywheel ensure very responsive driving.
The car is equipped with an original Supersprint exhaust, which allows for a very pleasant sound, while the 4.5-litre aluminum oil sump and Motul 300V 15w50 competition oil guarantee adequate lubrication.
The engine power is 40hp at 7000 rpm, and the maximum speed that can be reached is 145km/h in 5th gear at 6,800 rpm, thanks also to the close-range 5-speed gearbox.

As for the braking system, the car is equipped with sintered racing shoes, mini servo, new drums and pipes. The set-up is lowered according to the characteristics of the 1970s racing Fiat 500s developed by Tecnosuspension, which guarantees a very sporty ride.

The interior has been redone by sandblasting the frames, repainting them with powder and using colors and features designed to reproduce the original colours, while the bodywork has been brought to sheet metal without sandblasting it, replacing the bottoms of the rear sides and the front quarter.
Finally, the car is fitted with 4.5 x 12 rims with 125 r 12 tyres, which guarantee very precise driving and excellent grip on the road.
It was made by replicating the first 500 racing cars of the 1960s and for example the wheels with a 125/12 diameter, the internal and external color characteristics were maintained, maintaining originality as much as possible.

In summary, this vintage Fiat 500 is a car with a series of technical characteristics that make it particularly suitable for those who love sporty driving and for vintage car enthusiasts. Its power, handling and aesthetics make it a very popular car for those who love historic cars.



First registration: 1967
Body color: Beige Sabbia
Interior color: Camel Color

Paint condition: yery good
Mechanical condition: fully functional
Condition of the electrical system: In perfect working order


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