1967 Fiat 500 F ORIGINAL
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A splendid Fiat 500 F with registration year 1967. The car is completely original and perfect in all its parts, it was stored in the garage with great passion and care by its last owner. The bodywork, interior and mechanics were completely overhauled in 2020. Since then it has been used very little (only for rallies). The kilometers traveled are 49,456 and it features a synchronized gearbox.
A beautiful 1964 Fiat 500 D convertible with pages booklet. The car has only had 3 owners. It features suicide doors and long canopy. It currently has a Lavazza prepared engine based on the R engine with its synchronized gearbox. The last owner also gives away the original engine and gearbox. This fantastic Fiat 500 was restored by redoing funds in 2015. It has always been preserved in the garage.
A 1971 Fiat 500 L that is original in all its parts. Overall, the car is in good condition: it has some signs on the bodywork as shown in the photos and needs some minor maintenance work to be carried out. The car drives and is ready to hit the road with a new owner!

A beautiful original Fiat 500 F registered in 1968.

Currently the car has 92000 km.

Three doors, sunroof. All in excellent condition, being overhauled and always owned by a single owner. Original engine and non-synchromesh gearbox.

The seats are red leather in good condition. There is a fabric cover, as you can see in the photos, precisely placed to protect them.


A splendid 1970 Fiat 500 L with original 499cc fiat 500 engine and non-synchromesh gearbox.

The car is ASI registered and is fully functional both mechanically and as regards the electrical system.

The car is overhauled and carefully stored in a garage by the last owner.

A 1968 Fiat 500 F that has been completely refurbished.The car features the Fiat 126 gearbox, and a completely redone engine.The Fiat 500 has just some scratches.The steering wheel and gear knob are from Abarth.Tires and rims are from the Fiat 126.The battery is new.

A beautiful 1968 Fiat 500 F.

The car is registered at ASI gold plate with booklet and original number plate.

This Fiat 500 has several options and accessories such as MP3 radio, servo horn, spare wheel.

It has been completely repainted throughout.

Gray customized seats with multicolor stripes.

It is supplied with the car, trunk, car cover and seat belts.

A Fiat 500L, year 1969, with original 37700 km. Its last owner always took care of his Fiat 500, preserving it and always leaving it in the garage. All components are original from the factory except for the soft top and wheel caps. The car has never been in an accident, it doesn't have a millimeter of rust. Over 20 years ago it was repainted as the original factory paint had faded and could not be polished as the paint would have been pulverized during polishing. 499cc engine, non-synchromesh gearbox. The car is perfect, as it came from the factory, there is nothing to fix. The car is in perfect working order and is ASI registered.
A splendid 1969 Fiat 500 L completely restored It was restored about 2 years ago both  bodywork in the Benetton Blue color and black sunroof. It has a 650 cc engine on 500 block with some tricks to make the engine more brilliant and a synchronized gearbox. Engine traveled about 2000km and used by the last owner mainly for rallies and weekend outings. Wheeled and overhauled in June 2023. The battery was changed about 1 year ago. Restoration work documented with photos and videos. The car is on sale for lack of use by the last owner.