A classic Fiat 500 restoration project

What a satisfaction to see a fully restored Fiat 500, especially when you remember what conditions it started from.
How many things I could tell about the restorations. I could get you drunk on words, telling you how good we are at restoring. I could tell you that we are the best. I could tell you that our craftsmen are the best. In short, I could do what all companies that restore Fiat 500s do, electing myself as the best in my field and praise all my qualities (did you notice that everyone is the best in restoring Fiat 500s? They are all leaders! ), but not my style!
I don’t want to be the best, I want to learn more every day! i want to experiment. If you think you’re the best, you never learn anything new, you stop growing, you stop innovating, and that’s not what I want to do.

But enough of the words now, he’s already written too much. I leave you the gallery with the images of the last restoration we performed.
A picture is worth a thousand words:







Are you looking for a classic Fiat 500 with precise characteristics?

Would you like it from a particular year?
With certain colors? Or accessories?


Together we can make it! Using our restoration service, we can make the classic Fiat 500 of your dreams real.
All you have to do is tell us what’s on your mind! 😊

But how does it work?
✅ You tell us what your classic Fiat 500 should look like
✅ We find the classic Fiat 500 suitable for your project
✅ We make it happen
✅ You receive it directly to your home


What should your classic Fiat 500 look like? You can choose between the models Fiat 500F (2nd series), Fiat 500L and Fiat 500R.
You provide us with all the details regarding body color, interior, accessories or upgrades. And if you are looking for it for a particular year, you can make us this request.

Start the hunt! As soon as you have given us all the details of your Fiat 500, we will start looking for the right classic Fiat 500 for your project. Our research will focus on the cars available in Southern Italy, where the weather is mild and salt is not used on the roads to melt the ice. This ensures that the cars are in the best condition. Which is very important, since the Fiat 500s rusted even if you sneezed near them 😊
The beautiful part! We now have all the details of your Fiat 500, and we also have a Fiat 500 to work on. The classic Fiat 500 is taken to the workshop and is dismantled. We begin the work on the bodywork. Here all the rusted parts are replaced with new ones, the bodywork is protected with an epoxy primer and then painted in the color of your choice.
The engine is totally overhauled, as well as all the other mechanical parts.
The braking system and the electrical system, now deteriorated over the years, are replaced with new systems. Safety is no joke!
The upholsterer makes the interior and the car is completely reassembled.
Throughout the restoration process, you will be updated with photos of the work.

Here comes the big day! After testing the Fiat 500, and finalizing the final details, your Fiat 500 is picked up by the shipping company (we can take care of it, or you can send a shipping company of your choice). Thus begins its journey towards you. Then, one fine day, someone will call you to let you know that your Fiat 500 is about to be delivered, and you will agree on the day and time.
That day, your dream will come true!


With the Fiat 500, you will be provided with the purchase invoice and photographic documentation.
If you want, before sending the car home, you can come and visit us to test your classic Fiat 500!

See the photo gallery of our latest restoration

If you have any other questions, concerns, or special requests, don’t hesitate to contact us!