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An excerpt from the E-Book “What to look for before buying a classic Fiat 500” follows:


Robustness and integrity Platforms

Take the flashlight and blanket or cardboard and place it on the floor. Lie down on the ground and check the condition of the funds. check that there is no passing rust or holes. Taking care not to cut yourself and using a screwdriver, tap the tip in various areas of the floor and check the solidity of the floor. If the screwdriver goes beyond the floor with the tip, it will mean that Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

If the bottom is nice and clean and the shapes are clearly visible (as in the photos above), then the floor is certainly in good condition or has been replaced with a new one.

If, on the contrary, the shapes are not clearly visible, then it could be that all that excess material is there to cover imperfections and rotten parts. Look at the examples below:

Since you’re already lying on the ground, continue the search in the lower part of the car. Check the corrugated bulkhead located behind the rear fender. 

You can find it here, at the rear of the fender.

From experience, if the restoration was done in a rough way, they will not have even looked in this area. Check that there is no rust and that the part is solid.

If not, you could have problems during the testing phase, or almost certainly if you decide to re-register the Fiat 500 outside Italy.

Since by now you will have been lying down for at least a quarter of an hour, if you have not fallen asleep, check the quality of the paint jobs. With your pretty little fingernail, try to scratch the paint on the undersides of the car, if it comes off it’s because the paint was applied directly to the dirt.


I know you want to get up, but wait a few more minutes. Now, cross your hands and place them on your abdomen, take a deep breath, look at the sky and relax, Done? perfect!

After you have relaxed a bit, and without getting up yet, check the engine for oil leaks. Run your hand over the oil pan to see if there is any…

Do you want to know more and be sure to carry out all the necessary checks before buying a classic Fiat 500?

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Free Download now! 👉 https://bit.ly/3itudd5


The classic Fiat 500 is an iconic car that made the history of Italian motoring. This compact city car, produced from 1957 to 1975, marked an era and still today continues to fascinate enthusiasts of all ages. In this article we will discover why the classic Fiat 500 is the best investment for vintage car lovers.

Iconic design
The classic Fiat 500 is one of the most iconic cars in motoring history. Its design, with attention to the smallest details, has contributed to its popularity all over the world. The compact bodywork and rounded shapes make it easily recognizable, while the interiors are characterized by a simplicity and essentiality that make it a true icon of Italian design.

Growing value
In recent years, the classic Fiat 500 has become a highly coveted collector’s car. Its value has grown steadily over time, so much so that today it is considered a real investment. Owning a classic Fiat 500 means having a car that gains value over time, thanks to its rare beauty and history.

Ease of maintenance
The classic Fiat 500 is a simple and easy to maintain car. Its mechanics are very robust and resistant, which makes it suitable for any type of use. Furthermore, the presence of numerous spare parts on the market, at affordable prices, makes car maintenance very simple and convenient.

Unique driving experience
Driving a classic Fiat 500 is a unique experience that has no equal. Its driving is fun and engaging, thanks to its simple mechanics and its lightness. Furthermore, the raised driving position and wide visibility make driving a classic Fiat 500 easy and pleasant, even in town.

The classic Fiat 500 is an iconic car that has marked the history of Italian motoring. Owning a classic Fiat 500 means having a car with growing value and easy to maintain. Furthermore, driving a classic Fiat 500 is a unique experience like no other. For all these reasons, owning a classic Fiat 500 is the best investment for vintage car lovers.


In 2020, just weeks before the world shut down due to Covid, we were about to deliver a gleaming red Fiat 500.
This Fiat 500 was the “bridesmaid” of a wedding in the UK.


We contact various shipping companies to get a quote and arrange delivery. The delivery date was mandatory, it had to be there before the wedding, otherwise it would no longer have made sense to deliver it.

The problem is that no shipping company dares to give us a certain delivery date. So, to avoid unpleasant surprises, we took the decision to load the Fiat 500 and deliver it ourselves to the UK, even if this would have meant a higher cost and 2 less people to work.
We load the classic Fiat 500 onto the trolley and off we go. UK direction!

Between motorways, ferries, hotels and last but not least, driving on the right in the UK, it was a great adventure, albeit expensive, but by now our mission was to guarantee the bride a car for her wedding day, the the rest was in the background.

Once we arrived at our destination, we covered the Fiat 500 with a car cover in the colors of the Italian flag and uncovered it in front of the bride and groom, who we also honored with a bottle of wine, as a wish from us.


It was 2018 when Andy contacted us to ask us to find him a classic Fiat 500. He explained how he was looking for it, and after a few weeks, his classic Fiat 500 was ready.
Nonetheless, I was full of anxiety. This wasn’t the usual Fiat 500 we sold, no. In fact, Andy intended to leave Puglia with his classic Fiat 500 and drive it to Spain, where he had moved with his family. An almost 2000km long journey aboard an air-cooled car and with over 50 years on his shoulders.


I remember checking and double-checking that Fiat 500 hundreds of times to make sure everything was okay.
Finally the big day arrives. Andy came to us with the typical smile of someone about to face an extraordinary adventure!

After admiring his Fiat 500 live, he got behind the wheel and drove off, but not before giving him my personal telephone number. If there were any problems, he could call me at any time.

We used to get updates about the trip during the trip. Everything was fine. The first day of travel was over.
On the second day, however, an unexpected event. Andy calls to tell us he has an electrical problem. We ask for the photos and discover that a connector has come off, probably due to the vibrations caused by the long journey. In a few minutes we solve the problem and the journey can start again.

The rest of the trip goes smoothly and there are no other problems.
Finally on the fourth day, Andy arrives at his destination.

And finally I too relax. This too is done!