CAR SOS – season 11 – Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend

CAR SOS – season 11

For all lovers of the program “CAR SOS” good news has arrived. In fact, the last season of the program is about to be released in England, which you see Tim Shaw e Fuzz Townshend try their hand at salvaging and restoring cars with unfortunate owners. It will be aired on March 9 in England on the Nat Geo channel, and will then be broadcast in the rest of the world in the coming weeks


What surely fascinates all fans of CAR SOS, in addition to Tim’s great ability to entertain and Fuzz’s incredible talent, are the stories that are told.

In fact, each car is not just a simple object, but a real container of stories, often very sad. And thanks to the intervention of Fuzz and Tim, these cars are shiny again and make the owners rejoice.

The two hosts and restorers have always shown great empathy towards the protagonists of the various episodes, and this is also the reason for the success of this television programme.

Personally I was lucky enough to meet them 2 times. And it is precisely by talking to us in person that we perceive the passion they put into what they do.

The first time I met them was in 2015, during the recording of an episode where they delivered a Volvo P1800 from 1964. I, on the sidelines, enjoyed the entr’actes that Tim and Fuzz staged in front of everyone present. Tim was the usual Tim, so he took the blanket that was used to cover the car, and threw it on Fuzz, covering him completely. It was on that occasion that I realized that they were exactly as you see them on video. Always ready to joke and have fun.

The second time I met Fuzz, however, he even managed to talk to us. He told me some details of a episode that had not yet been released in Italy. It was the second episode of the sixth season.

The two found themselves grappling with the restoration of one Lancia Delta Integrale Evolution II.

He told me that the car was especially rusty and that, for the first time in their program, the owner died before the car was finished. The family members, however, asked the production to complete the restoration anyway, in honor of the now deceased dear.

Now we just have to wait for the new episodes to air, to see what other adventures await Fuzz and Tim.