You will find many classic Fiat 500s for sale in Italy, just as you will find many other vintage cars for sale, each with different and unique characteristics. But why should you own a classic Fiat 500?

The classic Fiat 500 is a small, slow car with very simple mechanics. But then, why is it so appreciated and desired by so many people around the world? Precisely because of these characteristics: it is small, slow and easy to fix.


The classic Fiat 500 fully represents the concept of slow drive. Those who choose the Fiat 500 do so because they want a car that allows them to go on short trips at a speed that also allows them to enjoy the surrounding landscape.

Imagine yourself driving your classic Fiat 500 along a scenic road. You will be able to enjoy the panorama and if the sunroof is lowered you will also be able to see the sky. The scents and colors that surround you reach you without filters. A beautiful picture, isn’t it? As an anti-stress there is nothing better than driving a classic Fiat 500, or almost 🙂.

There are many classic Fiat 500s for sale, so it won’t be hard for you to find the right one for you.
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Ok, let’s not digress and go straight to the list of reasons why you should own a classic Fiat 500.

THE FIAT 500 MAKES YOU HAPPY: Look, have you ever seen someone sad driving a classic Fiat 500? Despite being one of the least performing cars in the world, driving a classic Fiat 500 will immediately make you forget any problems. But not only. Going around with your beautiful Fiat 500, perhaps painted in a nice pastel colour, will also make the people who meet you on the street happy. So, let’s make the world a more colorful and happier place.

YOU HAVE NO PARKING PROBLEMS: You will be able to park your Fiat 500 anywhere. Its small size will make it easy to find parking even on usually crowded streets. But unlike cars of the same size, such as the Smart, the classic Fiat 500 can carry 4 people.

ECONOMICAL MAINTENANCE: its constructive simplicity will make both repairs and maintenance economical. The spare parts can all be found very easily, and the cost is very affordable.

IT’S DIFFICULT TO GET FINES: With the classic Fiat 500 you can go flat out in front of speed cameras, its maximum speed will certainly be below the imposed limit. For this reason you will be able to experience the thrill of speeding past a checkpoint or a speed camera, without being fined. A great satisfaction, what do you say?

IT HAS AN OPENABLE SUNROOF: I left it for last, not because it’s the least important, on the contrary, I personally believe that the most beautiful thing is precisely that of being able to open the sunroof and enjoy the view from the bottom up, and be caressed hair from a cool breeze.
The Fiat 500 has a sunroof only to be able to reduce production costs and use less metal, and I think this can be the demonstration of how a problem can become a strength.


We have reached the end of this short article, I hope you enjoyed it and maybe made you want to buy your first Fiat 500. If you decide to do so, I will be happy if you contact me through www.garagefiat500.com. I also remind you that, to avoid making blunders, you can take advantage of our purchase consultancy service, so you will avoid the risk of buying a car with obvious problems and which would make your love story with the classic Fiat 500 a little less beautiful.

I give you a hug and thank you for reading the article up to this point.