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CAR SOS – season 11 – Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend
CAR SOS - season 11 For all lovers of the program "CAR SOS" good news has arrived. In fact, the last season of the program is about to be released in England, which you see Tim Shaw e Fuzz Townshend try their hand at salvaging and restoring cars with unfortunate owners. It will be aired on March 9 in England on the Nat Geo channel, and will then be broadcast in the rest of the world in the coming weeks OUR CLASSIC FIAT 500 FOR SALE What surely fascinates all [...]
You will find many classic Fiat 500s for sale in Italy, just as you will find many other vintage cars for sale, each with different and unique characteristics. But why should you own a classic Fiat 500? The classic Fiat 500 is a small, slow car with very simple mechanics. But then, why is it so appreciated and desired by so many people around the world? Precisely because of these characteristics: it is small, slow and easy to fix. OUR CLASSIC FIAT 500 FOR SALE The classic Fiat 500 fully [...]
The Fiat 500s in Dubai
One would think that in places like Dubai, classic Fiat 500s might not have a large following. We are used to thinking that it is easier to see a Ferrari, a McLaren or a Lamborghini on the streets of the Emirates, however, among our customers there are many residents of the United Arab Emirates. Perhaps because, among all those cars, those who own a classic Fiat 500 do not go unnoticed! Among the many customers in the United Arab Emirates, there is also Dragon Racing, which bought an Abarth replica [...]
A classic Fiat 500 for a new business
In 2019 we were contacted to create a Fiat 500 with certain characteristics. The car is a gift from Martin to his wife who has just opened a business. Dark blue body and white hood. OUR CLASSIC FIAT 500 FOR SALE We immediately start looking for the right car and find it just a few kilometers from our headquarters. Good news, because the weather is mild in our area, and there is no risk that the Fiat 500 has traveled on snowy roads covered in salt. We set up the [...]