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One cut and go
One of the first sales made in 2016. The car was bought by an Italian resident in Germany. He came with a van to load it himself. That morning he called me to let me know that he had arrived in the area. I got into the car to reach him. OUR CLASSIC FIAT 500 FOR SALE Arrived at the place, I found him with a rag stained with blood around his hand. What happened? - I asked him - and he: I cut myself while I was opening the [...]
Just in time for the wedding.
In 2020, just weeks before the world shut down due to Covid, we were about to deliver a gleaming red Fiat 500. This Fiat 500 was the "bridesmaid" of a wedding in the UK. OUR CLASSIC FIAT 500 FOR SALE We contact various shipping companies to get a quote and arrange delivery. The delivery date was mandatory, it had to be there before the wedding, otherwise it would no longer have made sense to deliver it. The problem is that no shipping company dares to give us a certain delivery [...]
From Puglia to Spain with the Fiat 500
It was 2018 when Andy contacted us to ask us to find him a classic Fiat 500. He explained how he was looking for it, and after a few weeks, his classic Fiat 500 was ready. Nonetheless, I was full of anxiety. This wasn't the usual Fiat 500 we sold, no. In fact, Andy intended to leave Puglia with his classic Fiat 500 and drive it to Spain, where he had moved with his family. An almost 2000km long journey aboard an air-cooled car and with over 50 years on [...]
Download the classic Fiat 500 calendar 2023
We have a cool gift for you, all for free! DOWNLOAD NOW! Share this post with all your classic Fiat 500 enthusiast friends! Garage Fiat 500 has made an annual calendar for all Fiat 500 enthusiasts. The calendar is made with photos of the most beautiful Fiat 500s sold by Garage Fiat 500 in 2022