Call & Negotiation

Call & Negotiation

“The classic Fiat 500 of your dreams is in Italy – would you like more information?

We call the seller in Italian to get the information and negotiate the price ”

We have decided to put our experience and expertise in buying your classic Fiat 500 at your disposal. We know how difficult it can be to buy a car from abroad, especially when the same language is not spoken.

You will receive in 2 hours (depending on the seller’s availability) our complete report by email, containing:

  • Confirmation of the characteristics and description of the condition of the vehicle (interior, bodywork, mechanics)
  • Information on any work or restoration carried out
  • Request for photographic documentation of the works
  • Negotiation of the sale price
  • Copy of the documents obtained (booklet, service)

Does the seller not respond?
Does he tell us that the car has been sold?
The service is not counted, it remains valid for 3 months!

At the time of purchase, specify in the notes the details of the seller, any link to the announcement, and all the data that may be useful to us to be able to do our job in the best way.