1972 Fiat 500 L

1972 Fiat 500 L

Anno: 1972
Modello: Fiat 500 L
Colore: White

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Brand: Fiat
Model: 500 L
Year: 1972
Engine size: 499cc
No synchro
Vehicle inspected: No

Description of defects found: Some rust spots. The car needs a new battery.

Other Notes:

The Fiat 500 L is from 1972, but became the property of the last owner’s family on 8 August 1991.
In 2002 it was registered with the A.S.I. (Italian historic car club).

The car was used for walks in the city and in the Itria Valley, never for long journeys.

At the time of purchase the seats and gearbox knob were changed, probably with those of a 126 (the last owner doesn’t remember exactly).

The engine and gearbox are in excellent condition.

There is some superficial rust formation on the bodywork and a spot under the driver’s side door handle where the paint has cracked.

The chrome on the headlights has some rust.

The bumpers have treatable rust spots in the most exposed parts, in some places it is more present and chroming may be necessary.

The car needs a new battery.



First registration: 1972
Body color: White
Interior color: Black. Camel colored front seats

Paint condition: Some rust spots
Mechanical condition: functional, the car needs a new battery.
Condition of the electrical system: in perfect working order


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