Pre Purchase classic Fiat 500 Inspections

Pre Purchase classic Fiat 500 Inspections

Do you want to buy a classic Fiat 500, but want an appraisal before committing yourself?
We hire an expert who goes to the seller to inspect the car

We have decided to put our experience and expertise in buying your vintage Fiat 500 at your disposal. We know how difficult it can be to buy a car from abroad, especially when the same language is not spoken.

Contact us before purchasing the service

Obtain in 48/72 hours (depending on the seller’s availability) a complete professional report containing the following checks:

  • Checking the model, registration number, chassis number and mileage on the dashboard
  • Check the general condition of the mechanics (engine start-up, gear change test, visible leakage detection …) – Test drive *
  • Check the bodywork, the condition of the tires and the dashboard warning lights.
  • Vehicle photo: photo of the vehicle and of the defects identified

* if the car is not insured, in some cases, it may not be possible to perform a full test drive