1970 Fiat 500 L customized

1970 Fiat 500 L customized

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I am a 1970 Fiat 500 L customized and registered for the first time on 05/10/1970, so I will soon be 52 years old. I spent the first years of my life in the province of Ancona where I was used daily to take my owner to work every morning.
Then my owner retired, and as often happens in these cases, they started using me less and less.

Then one day they parked me in a barn and I stayed there to rest for several years.
In 1996 an Apulian gentleman came to see me and decided that he would take me with him to Puglia.
I was loaded on a wrecker and traveled for 500 kilometers, up to the province of Bari.

I was taken to a workshop and they started working on me. Both on the bodywork and on the engine. They decided that my new color would be metallic purple and that my 499cc engine needed to be replaced with a 650cc one, taken from a Fiat 126.

I spent the last years of my life walking through the narrow streets of the Apulian villages and I very much appreciated the fact that I spent all this time in a mild climate, but now the time has come to change my life and change place, I want to visit other places yes of course Italy is a beautiful country, but I would like to discover new wonderful places. That’s why I’m here today and I’m looking for a new adventure companion.

key fact

– Taken from a barn in 1996 and restored
– purchased by the last owner in 2019
– last maintenance performed in 2020
– The Fiat 500 has been parked since 2020
– There are some imperfections on the bodywork (please see the photos)
– Mechanics ok
– braking system ok
– Working electrical system

The main features are:

– 650cc engine
– Gearbox synchronized
– Kilometers: 38700 Km
– alloy wheels
– Dynamo replaced with alternator
– new battery





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