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Gorgeous 1964 Fiat 500 D with suicide doors. Purchased by the last owner in the early 1990s, this Fiat 500 D was equipped with some period accessories, such as the horn servo and the radio. It is in good general condition. Mechanically perfect, and all systems work perfectly. The paint is still shiny and uniform. The interior is in very good condition.
Splendid 1965 Fiat 500 F totally restored.The last owner wanted to give his car new life, making it shine in its beauty: engine overhauled, brakes redone, gearbox replaced, tires.It was completely repainted even the interior was reupholstered so the condition of the interior finishes are good.It is fully functional and ready for immediate use.
A fantastic Fiat 500 F with January 1970 registration. The car has been totally restored, the engine completely redone and has traveled very few kilometres, around 4000 km.
A beautiful 1971 Fiat 500 L in the original colour! The car was restored in December 2022, the engine and gearbox have been restored and are its originals. The plates and documents are original of the time. The car has no defects and no rust spots
A splendid 1972 Fiat 500 L.The car has been completely restored both internally and externally maintaining the originality of the car itself.The engine runs perfectly and has been completely overhauled.
A beautiful Fiat 500 L with registration 01/1970.The car has had only one owner and has original number plates and booklet.Completely repainted in its original colour.Car well cared for and always kept in the garage.The inspections and the necessary electro-mechanical replacements and repairs have always been carried out.
A very sporty 1970 Fiat 500 L! Sparco sports seats. The rear seat is missing as the stereo system has been fitted.The gearbox is original.The electrical system should be overhauled, the fuse box should be fixed by replacing it with a more modern one to avoid false contacts. The car starts and drives well.
Fiat 500 moretti minimaxi from 1972. The car has been restored in all its parts, it has been regularly overhauled with a deadline of 2024. As you can see from the photos, everything is removed in the summer and closed with a hood and doors in the winter. The car has no problems, the engine is new with the original non-synchromesh gearbox. The car runs perfectly.
A beautiful 1973 Fiat 500 R Abarth Evocation (Replica) with 650 engine, synchronized gearbox. The car was restored 12 years ago, has no rust spots or defects on the body.