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A beautiful 1969 Fiat 500 L.The car has a new clutch, axle shafts, tyres, brakes, bumpers, headlights and paintwork.There are no anomalies.

A fantastic 1970 Fiat Francis Lombardi My car.

The car is in good condition, a paint job was done by an old owner a few years ago.

The car has the original engine and gearbox and is in perfect working order.


A beautiful Fiat 500L from 1970.

The car has the original license plate and booklet.

The conditions of the mechanics and bodywork are excellent.


A beautiful Fiat 500 L.

The car has a tuned 750cc engine, nicasil cylinders, split head, 45 carburettor, racing muffler, racing camshaft, 5-speed gearbox from 1 to 5 all close together, long bevel gear, a fast road engine and disc brakes front.

The tires have just been changed, double oil cooling radiator with aeronautical derivation pipes.

A beautiful 1970 Fiat 500 L in excellent condition. The last owner took care of it with great dedication, preserving it and always keeping it in the garage except for outings to participate in the many rallies The car is fully functional, the engine has been completely redone and has an original Monza record muffler. The body color is the original "Blue Fiorentino" The electrical system is fully functional. There are no signs of wear.
Beautiful 1972 Red Fiat 500 L. The car was repainted a few years ago. The electrical system works perfectly and for the mechanics there are no particular problems. The upholstery, as shown in the photos, shows signs of wear.
Gorgeous 1964 Fiat 500 D with suicide doors. Purchased by the last owner in the early 1990s, this Fiat 500 D was equipped with some period accessories, such as the horn servo and the radio. It is in good general condition. Mechanically perfect, and all systems work perfectly. The paint is still shiny and uniform. The interior is in very good condition.
A fantastic Fiat 500 F with January 1970 registration. The car has been totally restored, the engine completely redone and has traveled very few kilometres, around 4000 km.
I am a classic Fiat 500 L registered for the first time on 05/10/1970, so I will soon be 52 years old. I spent the first years of my life in the province of Ancona where I was used daily to take my owner to work every morning. Then my owner retired, and as often happens in these cases, they started using me less and less. Then one day they parked me in a barn and I stayed there to rest for several years.