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A beautiful 1971 Fiat 500 L in the original colour! The car was restored in December 2022, the engine and gearbox have been restored and are its originals. The plates and documents are original of the time. The car has no defects and no rust spots
Classic Fiat 500 L fully restored ready to go! This classic 1971 Fiat 500 L is for sale is finished in white over a red vinyl-trimmed cabin
A beautiful Fiat 500 L with registration 01/1970.The car has had only one owner and has original number plates and booklet.Completely repainted in its original colour.Car well cared for and always kept in the garage.The inspections and the necessary electro-mechanical replacements and repairs have always been carried out.
A very sporty 1970 Fiat 500 L! Sparco sports seats. The rear seat is missing as the stereo system has been fitted.The gearbox is original.The electrical system should be overhauled, the fuse box should be fixed by replacing it with a more modern one to avoid false contacts. The car starts and drives well.
Fiat 500 C topolino from 1954, 650 cubic capacity, good condition with small imperfections due to age, on the bonnet behind a small paint defect. New tyres, cost 550 euros, new soft top, overhauled mechanics, overhauled electrical system, new battery. In perfect condition as shown in the photos. Accessories 4 rims, radiator and odometer. Car registered at ASI and register of Italian fiat Topolinos.
A splendid collectible Fiat 500 Giannini TV from 1965! The car has had only one owner and has been used very little, in fact it has just 51500 km. It was kept in a garage, so it has been preserved with great care. It has original bottoms, 4-bolt door model, perfect original interior, engine on Giannini base with original 650 Giannini parts. The car is perfect in everything and is fully functional.
We offer for sale this beautiful 1969 Fiat 500 F. The car is in working order and is used every day. The current owner takes care of it daily, which is why it is always parked in the garage.
New entry! Fiat 500 Giannini Original TV, so we are not talking about a replica, modified in terms of mechanics and interiors. As you can see from the photos, the Fiat 500 is in very good condition, mechanically perfect and the Body is flawless, apart from a tiny crack at the base of the left drip. 700cc engine 5-speed gearbox alloy wheels oversized oil sump sports dashboard electric petrol pump "Racing" type independent front suspension kit front disc brakes Rear tinted windows
This beautiful 1972 Fiat 500 R is an iconic city car. The R model, in particular, is the last produced series of the Fiat 500 in the version we all know. Painted in a beautiful "rosso corallo". This 1972 Fiat 500 R is in perfect condition and, without exaggeration, it is a Fiat 500 in concours condition.