1972 Fiat 500 L restored

1972 Fiat 500 L restored

Anno: 1972
Modello: Fiat 500 L
Colore: Dark Blue

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Brand: Fiat
Model: 500 L
Year: 1972
Engine size: 499cc
Gearbox: No
Vehicle inspected: No

Other Notes:

Let me introduce myself, I am a splendid Fiat 500 L registered in November 1972, dark blue 456 with red interior.
I have original plates, original registration document and also the complementary sheet from the time!
This is the story of my rebirth:

I have had 4 changes of ownership but the last one took place after my restoration within the same family.
After birth I was used, like all 500s, as a daily car with purely city use and without too many considerations.
The year 1996 was the year I was completely set aside in favour of a more modern car and I was parked, first outdoors and then in a closed garage for more than 20 long years.
My state of abandonment has repercussions on the entire car and when the restoration is finally decided, I am totally stripped bare.

The restoration, both mechanically and bodywork, was completed in 2018 and was carried out by dismantling everything that could be dismantled. The interventions are aimed at saving all the original components even if not in perfect condition and at replacing only those components that are irremediably damaged or that compromise safety. For example, the braking system (from the pump to the brake cylinders) is all new; the tires are new and original (Pirelli belted CN54); rear suspension springs and left wheel arm; dynamo disassembly and overhaul; disassembly and overhaul of bearings and gearbox triple; steering box; etc…
The engine is original, restored and rectified without increases or modifications as is the gearbox.
As previously mentioned, I still have many original components which, where possible, have been repaired/restored, but some have defects. My owner believes that an original part is better than an aftermarket one of lesser quality so….
The carpet, although a little worn, is the original red with a bouclé pattern; rear bumper with worn chrome and blade marked by a small impact; all the windows are slightly scratched due to prolonged abandonment but they do not disturb the view while driving.
Other defects: in two places the paint has small cracks, the rims, even if balanced and powder-coated, are the originals and with small dents.
I am currently sheltered in a covered garage and under a microfiber sheet. I am used, with satisfaction, for gatherings and meetings. The last one was on July 4th in 2023 in Rome where, after a four-day trip, I covered more than a thousand km without any kind of inconvenience!


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